How Much is It to Rent a Cabin in Australia?

If you have some cash and a whole lot of passion, why not rent a luxury cabin in some secluded spot in Australia? It is an option that we can bet you won’t regret. Houses start at rental rates per night or week affordable and give you a pleasant experience in return for the dough. The following are some stylish cabins that won’t set you back by lots of dollars provided you don’t stay too long. Go for the excitement and leave a satisfied man or woman: 

  • Alex Beach Cabins: It will just cost you $86 on a nightly basis. It is a hygienic place with high standards. There is a beach within reach, and the facilities are superb. There are laundry service and a barbecue grill among the attractions. Also, the tables and chairs are spotlessly clean. The locality is Sunshine Coast, and the region possesses a lot of natural growth and green aesthetics. Many people who come to this cabin stay to watch the whales come up for air in the waters beyond the beach. 
  • The Bowlo Holiday Cabins: Costing you $83 per night, this place has a spacious parking lot, a pub offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and unique package for business people. The area includes Shark Bay Beach which you are welcome to explore, but beware of the sharks which are plenty if you go too far or deep in the turquoise waters. There is a museum full of historical artefacts and a memorial nearby as well. 
  • Huskisson Holiday Motel Cabins: This one is slightly costlier. It will set you back by $122 per nightly stay. The waiters and management are hot and respectful towards the guests. You won’t lack in being shown a whole lot of hospitality. The surroundings are an example of Nature at its best. Also, a beach exists nearby so you can take strolls on its sands barefoot. Two museums are close to the resort as well. 
  • Flynn’s Beach Caravan Park: This resort is pretty economical at $73 per nightly stay. There are a museum and beach nearby for historians and beachcombers. A hospital is situated a few miles away, and so if you face any complications regarding your health, you can pop in for a pill or shot. There is also a Nature Reserve meant for the ecologists and green earth enthusiasts among us. Finally, the pin-drop silence of this place lends extra peace of mind to the guests who do happen to come this way. 
  • Riverglen Holiday Park: Costing $92 per single shut-eye time, this cabin has a jogging park with ample greenery nearby. Also, a stadium for the sportsmen among us lies close to the location. For those crazy about flowers, there is a botanical garden in the area. Besides the two pools this place possesses, there is valet service too. 
  • Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park: At a rate of $109 per night, this is not exactly a cheap experience. There is a golf link and farmers market nearby. Also, it happens to be a shopper’s paradise where the ladies can shop till they drop. A winery and national park are also in the vicinity. The guests have never complained since the services are top-notch and the place is peaceful and serene. 

So these were some of the economical and costly cabins in Australia. If you have a lot of cash to burn, do frequent the ones that are a bit luxurious. Yet if you are on a shoestring budget, then choose one which will not upset your finances. Enter a cabin and have the time of your life by availing yourself of the amenities and experiences. It will change your perspective if you are suffering from burnout.

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