Where Do You Stay in Cabins in Australia?

When it comes to staying in cabins in the “Land Down Under”, believe it or not, you will be spoilt for choice. The range of options and luxurious settings keep getting better and better. To avoid the unpleasant experience of over choice, we have compiled the top five cabins to rent in Aussie Land. It doesn’t get any better than this: 

  1. 1.Marina View Chalets: Besides free Internet service, you can park your car or SUV in the lot without any hassles. There is a window at the top of each chalet from which you can see the view spread out before you. You will also find other amenities in this place. They include a homely kitchen, warm shower, microwave oven, and television with numerous channels. 
  2. 2.Dandaloo Gardens: This is an experience in itself. Located in Queensland, it has a parking lot that won’t charge any dollars. The floors of the rooms are made of top quality materials. There are plenty of sofas and chairs to sit in comfortably. The dining experience is simply divine. Also, there is a swimming pool and barbecue facility. Those on the lookout for adventure can go fishing in the nearby lake or take a hiking trip on the trail that lies closeby as well. 
  3. 3.Swan Valley Sisters: It is located in Australia’s western region and has spacious rooms for its guests who are welcomed with aplomb and warmth. Each room has an air conditioner for the hot summers the area is known for. There are a patio and a window with a view of the large lake near the cabin home. There is even a terrace and guests can sit outside and bask in the sunlight. 
  4. 4.Boat Haven Studios: There are bikes available at this chalet, and the good thing is they can be borrowed without any parting of cash from your wallet. The patio is breathtakingly beautiful, and the small kitchenette is cosy and groovy in equal parts. There are a stove and toaster in the kitchenette for those morning breakfasts of ham and eggs. This place was highly recommended to us by Megan from Decking Central Coast.
  5. 5.The Floating Forest Retreat: This retreat is located deep within a jungle of thick foliage. The extent of the area is 30 acres. There is a great deal of peace of mind to be had in this resort. As for the cabins, they are four in number, and they are state-of-the-art in their calibre. The large deck can be an excellent spot to loiter while for those indoorsy types, there is air conditioning on the inside of the rooms. The forest is almost enchanted in its nature. There is a fireplace with logs for wintertime in every room. Besides this, the owners have a stash of exciting books, board games, and crossword/sudoku puzzles for all those intellectuals, gamers, and trivia lovers who choose to frequent the resort.