Where Do You Stay in Cabins in Australia?

When it comes to staying in cabins in the “Land Down Under”, believe it or not, you will be spoilt for choice. The range of options and luxurious settings keep getting better and better. To avoid the unpleasant experience of over choice, we have compiled the top five cabins to rent in Aussie Land. It doesn’t get any better than this: 

  1. 1.Marina View Chalets: Besides free Internet service, you can park your car or SUV in the lot without any hassles. There is a window at the top of each chalet from which you can see the view spread out before you. You will also find other amenities in this place. They include a homely kitchen, warm shower, microwave oven, and television with numerous channels. 
  2. 2.Dandaloo Gardens: This is an experience in itself. Located in Queensland, it has a parking lot that won’t charge any dollars. The floors of the rooms are made of top quality materials. There are plenty of sofas and chairs to sit in comfortably. The dining experience is simply divine. Also, there is a swimming pool and barbecue facility. Those on the lookout for adventure can go fishing in the nearby lake or take a hiking trip on the trail that lies closeby as well. 
  3. 3.Swan Valley Sisters: It is located in Australia’s western region and has spacious rooms for its guests who are welcomed with aplomb and warmth. Each room has an air conditioner for the hot summers the area is known for. There are a patio and a window with a view of the large lake near the cabin home. There is even a terrace and guests can sit outside and bask in the sunlight. 
  4. 4.Boat Haven Studios: There are bikes available at this chalet, and the good thing is they can be borrowed without any parting of cash from your wallet. The patio is breathtakingly beautiful, and the small kitchenette is cosy and groovy in equal parts. There are a stove and toaster in the kitchenette for those morning breakfasts of ham and eggs. This place was highly recommended to us by Megan from Decking Central Coast.
  5. 5.The Floating Forest Retreat: This retreat is located deep within a jungle of thick foliage. The extent of the area is 30 acres. There is a great deal of peace of mind to be had in this resort. As for the cabins, they are four in number, and they are state-of-the-art in their calibre. The large deck can be an excellent spot to loiter while for those indoorsy types, there is air conditioning on the inside of the rooms. The forest is almost enchanted in its nature. There is a fireplace with logs for wintertime in every room. Besides this, the owners have a stash of exciting books, board games, and crossword/sudoku puzzles for all those intellectuals, gamers, and trivia lovers who choose to frequent the resort. 

How Much is It to Rent a Cabin in Australia?

If you have some cash and a whole lot of passion, why not rent a luxury cabin in some secluded spot in Australia? It is an option that we can bet you won’t regret. Houses start at rental rates per night or week affordable and give you a pleasant experience in return for the dough. The following are some stylish cabins that won’t set you back by lots of dollars provided you don’t stay too long. Go for the excitement and leave a satisfied man or woman: 

  • Alex Beach Cabins: It will just cost you $86 on a nightly basis. It is a hygienic place with high standards. There is a beach within reach, and the facilities are superb. There are laundry service and a barbecue grill among the attractions. Also, the tables and chairs are spotlessly clean. The locality is Sunshine Coast, and the region possesses a lot of natural growth and green aesthetics. Many people who come to this cabin stay to watch the whales come up for air in the waters beyond the beach. 
  • The Bowlo Holiday Cabins: Costing you $83 per night, this place has a spacious parking lot, a pub offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and unique package for business people. The area includes Shark Bay Beach which you are welcome to explore, but beware of the sharks which are plenty if you go too far or deep in the turquoise waters. There is a museum full of historical artefacts and a memorial nearby as well. 
  • Huskisson Holiday Motel Cabins: This one is slightly costlier. It will set you back by $122 per nightly stay. The waiters and management are hot and respectful towards the guests. You won’t lack in being shown a whole lot of hospitality. The surroundings are an example of Nature at its best. Also, a beach exists nearby so you can take strolls on its sands barefoot. Two museums are close to the resort as well. 
  • Flynn’s Beach Caravan Park: This resort is pretty economical at $73 per nightly stay. There are a museum and beach nearby for historians and beachcombers. A hospital is situated a few miles away, and so if you face any complications regarding your health, you can pop in for a pill or shot. There is also a Nature Reserve meant for the ecologists and green earth enthusiasts among us. Finally, the pin-drop silence of this place lends extra peace of mind to the guests who do happen to come this way. 
  • Riverglen Holiday Park: Costing $92 per single shut-eye time, this cabin has a jogging park with ample greenery nearby. Also, a stadium for the sportsmen among us lies close to the location. For those crazy about flowers, there is a botanical garden in the area. Besides the two pools this place possesses, there is valet service too. 
  • Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park: At a rate of $109 per night, this is not exactly a cheap experience. There is a golf link and farmers market nearby. Also, it happens to be a shopper’s paradise where the ladies can shop till they drop. A winery and national park are also in the vicinity. The guests have never complained since the services are top-notch and the place is peaceful and serene. 

So these were some of the economical and costly cabins in Australia. If you have a lot of cash to burn, do frequent the ones that are a bit luxurious. Yet if you are on a shoestring budget, then choose one which will not upset your finances. Enter a cabin and have the time of your life by availing yourself of the amenities and experiences. It will change your perspective if you are suffering from burnout.

Where is the Best Place to Rent a Cabin in Australia?

While some cities rent out cheap cabins, other localities have pretty expensive abodes for rental purposes. These include Melbourne, where the weekly rent is $454. In Darwin, it is $458 weekly. Canberra and Sydney reach beyond $500 in matters of rate. Some picturesque places are so scenic and serene that you have to go there to experience the magic. It is indeed a case of the taste of the pudding lies in the eating. 

Three of these “heaven on earth” sites are given below: 

  • Kangaroo Island: This is the ideal spot for tourists. Its aquamarine waves which lap at the golden sands make it a super-beautiful place to spend your vacations. Just lie back and relax on the beach chair and gaze into the distance as you sip on some pina colada. 
  • Pokolbin: A rural and rustic region famous for its wine can get to this place fast and then take it slow. It is a beautiful lush green place to get away from it all. 
  • Busselton: A peaceful and tranquil location with a pellucid and sedate atmosphere, this relaxing area is home to a famous church and a long pier composed of wood. 

Some other cabin rental refugees include: 

  • Discovery Parks
  • Eureka Stockade Holiday Park
  • Mudgee Valley Park
  • Fraser Coast Top Tourist Park
  • Shelly Beach Holiday Park 

For those with an ideological bent of mind who want some quiet, the following cabins are worth a gander: 

  • Little Green Cottage by the Sea: You can cook in a little kitchen, and there is a luxury washroom that you get along with it. Family pets are allowed, and the cabin has ample space for children to play whatever games they like to engage in.
  • Seahaven House: This is pure retro-chic and has spacious rooms with floors having wooden tiles. The parking offers safety and security for your vehicle. 
  • Fremantle & Hilton: Situated behind clumps of trees, this guest house has a garden with fragrant flowers. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes for a comfortable stay at this source of stress relief. 

Some of the factors, which determine what the cost of the cabin you rent out will be, are:

  • Level of Luxury: This is indeed a game-changer. A cabin can be a two-bedroom one yet could cost a hefty amount. That is provided with the settings are beyond your average scale of hospitality, and the services are superb.
  • Total Number of Occupants: Ranging from two people (a husband and wife or a romantic duo) to four individuals (usually a family with two children) and even six (an extended family) the rate is according to the number of guests. 
  • Just the Geography: If it is a beach location like the one in Phuket (Thailand) it will cost you much more than a cabin in the backwoods. A cabin facing a sea view is a valuable place and so automatically costs more. 
  • Size of the Cabin: Some people feel claustrophobic in a small cabin. They would be better off renting a spacious place with airy rooms. 

The Season & The Reason: What time you pick to rent out a cabin is vital in fixing. If it is summer, the house better has air conditioners. If it is winter, the heaters better are turned on.

Holiday Cabins for Rent in Australia

The holiday season, whether it is summer or winter is a time for festivity and a whole lot of rest & relaxation. So the best choice for such an occasion would be to head out with your family or loved one for a holiday cabin in Australia. Rent it out for the night or a week or so, and enjoy the luxury of fine dining and a swim in the pool. The experience will be one that you will never forget, and later on, you can recount it to your near and dear ones. 

 A typical day at a resort cabin would be as follows:

The very feeling of yawning while you see the sunrise from outside your window on a soft as silk bed is unbeatable. As you rub your eyes, you get some breakfast in bed as a part of the cabin service. After eating your fill, you can wear your flip-flops and venture beyond the four walls of your room onto the terrace. You will get a chance to observe your surroundings which consist of green leaves with tropical flowers of all kinds. Notice the colours and shapes of Nature. This is just the beginning of your vacation, no matter how short or how long it may be. If the rental home is a log cabin, you might go back inside and type away at the latest article on your laptop while the fireplace keeps you snug as a bug in a rug. Or if it is a luxury beachside resort, you could enter the sandy area and search for all sorts of cowries and conches. Also, you might fish or go boating in the blue waters of the sea. 

Remember, there is no particular way your vacation at the cabin should be like in the end. You can do what you like provided; it is not destructive to self or society. You may barbecue some sausages and burgers on the patio. Also, if you are in the mood, you can curl up before the fireside with a good book provided by the resort’s small library. Enjoy the time spent at this place by chatting with whosoever is with you. Go to the swimming pool and swim some laps for health and recreation purposes. If it has a gym, you can do some weight training or count steps on a treadmill. 

There are holiday cabins which lend you access to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. As you scuba dive beneath the surface of the sea, you will be glad to discover a brand new liquid universe in parallel to our dry one which is full of colours and forms. Explore the backwoods of Australia if you get the chance to be near them. Get to know the culture, the cuisine and the clothing on an in-depth basis. From the objects of art to the customs and traditions that make up both Australia’s aboriginal and subsequent culture, you will undoubtedly enrich your storehouse of experience. Refresh your senses by dining on seafood or building sandcastles on the beach alongside your kids. 

There are fantastic places to go hiking or trekking, and you will return from them a changed man or woman. Among some of the territories with cabins in them may be included the following: 

  • New South Wales
  • Tasmania
  • North Australia
  • Queensland
  • West Australia
  • Victoria
  • South Australia

Other regions known for their scenic views are:

  • The Blue Mountains
  • The Sunshine Coast
  • The Hunter Valley
  • The Central Coast

Also be on the lookout for rental cabins worthy of their name in the big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and the Gold Coast. The good news is that many of the cabins are currently available for rent at slashed rates. This is an ideal opportunity for you, the culture consumer, to make the most of it and enjoy the experience to the hilt.